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A full-filling gaming experience requires a complete set of upgraded computer gaming equipment. PCDubai exhibits a broad range of accessories to fulfill your need with a number of enormous advancements in the form of novel computer desks, computer chairs, controllers, headsets, docking stations, keyboards, laptops, and more. Regardless of whether you are looking for the next addition to your gaming gear or a completely new gaming setup, we have answers for all your needs and requirements. With our expert knowledge of the gaming world and research, we continuously strive to bring you the latest and innovative products at a varied price range to fit every customer’s needs.

From simple, supportive accessories like cable and adapters to complex gaming setup, we ensure complete user satisfaction by providing high-quality products. We guarantee premium products through our extensive top-notch brand catalog from across the world. With ample accessories available in the market, we provide the best and complete equipment you need to beat the competition on the go. To experience ultimate thrills with gaming chairs, high definition monitors, and speakers while ensuring additional support with floormats, cables, power equipment, and adapters, we know exactly what a hardcore gamer need. Get in touch with us to know more about our gaming PC accessories or simply visit our website to explore our collection.

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Razer Strider Hybrid Mouse Mat Large | RZ02-03810200-R3M1

د.إ 140.00 including VAT

Razer Strider Hybrid Mouse Mat XXL Color Black | RZ02-03810100-R3M1

د.إ 220.00 including VAT

Corsair MM300 PRO Premium Spill-Proof Cloth Gaming Extended Mouse Pad | CH-9413641-WW

د.إ 170.00 including VAT

Corsair MM350 PRO Premium Spill-Proof Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad - Extended | CH-9413771-WW

د.إ 190.00 including VAT

Corsair MM700 RGB Extended XL Cloth Type Mouse Pad | CH-9417070-WW

د.إ 320.00 including VAT

Elgato Wave Microphone Arm | 10AAM9901

د.إ 499.00 including VAT

Elgato Wave Panels Starter Set (Black) | 10AAJ9901

د.إ 599.00 including VAT

Elgato Wave Panels Extension Set (Black) | 10AAK9901

د.إ 250.00 including VAT

Elgato Green Screen XL Mouse Mat | 10GAV9901

د.إ 160.00 including VAT

Elgato Chat Link Pro Adapter (PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch) | 10GBC9901

د.إ 170.00 including VAT

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Headset | HHSC2X-BA-RD/G

د.إ 635.00 including VAT

Corsair ICUE Nexus Companion Touch Screen Enabling LED Controls | CH-9910010-NA

د.إ 449.00 including VAT

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Arabic | CH-9127314-AR

د.إ 969.00 including VAT

MSI MAG CH120 X Painted Steel Gaming Chair | MAG CH120 X

د.إ 830.00 including VAT

FIFINE T669 Studio Condenser USB Microphone Kit

د.إ 260.00 including VAT

HyperX QuadCast USB Condenser Gaming Microphone | HX-MICQC-BK

د.إ 650.00 including VAT
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