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With an extensive market offering a wide variety of products by numerous brands, finding the correct VR gaming equipment in Dubai can be a tiring task. As plenty of components built up an immersive Virtual reality experience, it is essential to have the finest quality hardware to create an enthralling VR experience. PCDubai provides an extensive range of performance-oriented hardware for the gaming and hardware enthusiasts to gear up their experience. With progressing hardware specifications and the need for constant upgrade catering to high-quality VR games, having the correct and latest components is essential. Our wide variety of products built-in with the latest and finest technology will always ensure an unprecedented performance along with long-lasting quality.

In case of damage to the hardware of your VR gaming setup, it will require extensive research and browsing through multiple sites to find the correct fit for your gaming set as per your preferences. PCDubai displays an extensive catalog of gaming hardware components to cater to your varied specifications and price needs to avoid online wandering. Our comprehensive products offer appropriate solutions to the increasing demand for various specifications, such as storage, memory, and processing speed. Visit our website to learn more or to purchase our affordable and reliable VR gaming equipment.

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11th Gen Pc Build I5-11600k Gaming Pc

د.إ 7,500.00 د.إ 7,250.00 including VAT

11th Gen Pc Build I7-11900F Gaming Pc

د.إ 12,000.00 د.إ 11,499.00 including VAT

11th Gen Pc Build I7-11700k Gaming Pc

د.إ 11,500.00 د.إ 10,999.00 including VAT

Intel Core I9-11900k Processor White Theme Gaming PC

د.إ 17,000.00 د.إ 16,600.00 including VAT

Assembled Gaming PC Intel Core I7-11700

د.إ 10,000.00 د.إ 9,500.00 including VAT

Rendering Workstation 11th Generation I7-11700k Processor

د.إ 11,800.00 including VAT

Intel Core I7-11700k Processor Gaming Pc + Rtx 3070 8gb

د.إ 13,000.00 د.إ 11,600.00 including VAT

Intel Core I5-11600k Assembled Gaming PC

د.إ 7,990.00 د.إ 7,850.00 including VAT

Intel core i5-11400 Custom Gaming Pc

د.إ 6,499.00 د.إ 5,999.00 including VAT

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Arabic | CH-9127314-AR

د.إ 969.00 including VAT

Assembled Best Gaming PC Rtx 3070

د.إ 8,300.00 including VAT

Razer Viper Ultimate Cyberpunk 2077 Edition | RZ01-03050500-R3M1

د.إ 699.00 including VAT

MSI MAG CH120 X Painted Steel Gaming Chair | MAG CH120 X

د.إ 830.00 including VAT

Razer Kaira Gaming Headset - Wireless | RZ04-03480100-R3M1

د.إ 420.00 including VAT

Razer Gaming Controller Raion Fightpad For Playstation 4 | RZ06-02940100-R3G1

د.إ 380.00 including VAT

Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Gaming Controller For Console | RZ06-03560100-R3M1

د.إ 440.00 including VAT
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