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11th Gen Pc Build I5-11600k Gaming Pc

د.إ 7,500.00 د.إ 7,250.00 including VAT

11th Gen Pc Build I7-11900F Gaming Pc

د.إ 12,000.00 د.إ 11,499.00 including VAT

11th Gen Pc Build I7-11700k Gaming Pc

د.إ 11,500.00 د.إ 10,999.00 including VAT

Intel Core I9-11900k Processor White Theme Gaming PC

د.إ 17,000.00 د.إ 16,600.00 including VAT

Assembled Gaming PC Intel Core I7-11700

د.إ 10,000.00 د.إ 9,500.00 including VAT

Rendering Workstation 11th Generation I7-11700k Processor

د.إ 11,800.00 including VAT

Intel Core I7-11700k Processor Gaming Pc + Rtx 3070 8gb

د.إ 13,000.00 د.إ 11,600.00 including VAT

Intel Core I5-11600k Assembled Gaming PC

د.إ 7,990.00 د.إ 7,850.00 including VAT

Quadro Rtx 5000 16gb Workstation PC I9-10980XE

د.إ 23,900.00 including VAT

Pc Dubai Falcon Gaming Pc-5800x Rtx 3070

د.إ 12,000.00 د.إ 11,500.00 including VAT

Pc Dubai -5900x Gaming Pc

د.إ 16,500.00 د.إ 16,350.00 including VAT

Mid Range Rtx 3070 Gaming Pc 32gb-10600kA-rtx3070

د.إ 9,500.00 د.إ 8,890.00 including VAT

Pc Dubai Falcon Rtx 3070 Gaming Pc

د.إ 13,400.00 د.إ 13,200.00 including VAT

Pc Dubai Gaming Pc RTX3070 Custom 

د.إ 9,500.00 د.إ 9,100.00 including VAT

ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Twin Edge | ZT-A30610E-10M

د.إ 2,550.00 including VAT

Pc Dubai Custom Gaming PC Rtx-3070 8gb

د.إ 13,650.00 د.إ 12,700.00 including VAT
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