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The growing number of virtualization technologies and doubling suppliers might complicate a hardcore gamer’s search for a perfect gaming desktop in Dubai. PCDubai aims to simplify this process through our expert knowledge from the digital world and our wide gaming desktop range geared with new generation technologies. Our extensive range of gaming desktops manufactured by trusted brands stands out for creativity and high-end performance. They are built-in to offer hyper-realistic graphical support and a new level of realistic gaming. With special care for style, the gaming desktops are built-in sleek style and side panel variety. With a vision to ensure result-driven performance, industry veterans develop the products that later undergo rigorous testing to guarantee its durability.

We offer a diverse range of gaming desktops across various fundamental specifications, such as memory capacity, storage space, and more. For providing break-free support during prolonged gaming, the desktops are fitted with optimized power supply placement and extensive venting for a quick cooling system. As you may face novel technologies and specific requirements for your latest games, these CPUs are proficient at supporting smooth up-gradation. We provide multiple desktop choices that are quality assured with numerous configurations and ranged across varied prices to fit in your budget. Unleash the next level action with the powerful technology of PCDubai’s gaming desktop and PC units.

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Rtx 3080 Ti i9-11900k Extreme Gaming PC

د.إ 12,700.00 including VAT

Custom Build Gaming Pc Rtx 3080 ti

د.إ 10,600.00 including VAT

Nvidia Rtx 3080 Ti Gaming PC

د.إ 12,500.00 including VAT

Assembling Gaming PC Rtx 3070 Ti

د.إ 9,499.00 including VAT

Nvida Rtx 3070 Ti I5-Gaming PC

د.إ 6,699.00 including VAT

Rtx 3070 ti Gaming PC i7-10700k

د.إ 8,999.00 including VAT

Rtx 3070 Ti Gaming Pc With i7-10700

د.إ 7,999.00 including VAT

11th Gen Pc Build I5-11600k Gaming Pc

د.إ 6,250.00 including VAT

11th Gen Pc Build I7-11900F Gaming Pc

د.إ 14,500.00 including VAT

11th Gen Pc Build I7-11700k Gaming Pc

د.إ 14,500.00 including VAT

Intel Core I9-11900k Processor White Theme Gaming PC

د.إ 18,900.00 including VAT

Assembled Gaming PC Intel Core I7-11700

د.إ 8,699.00 including VAT

Rendering Workstation 11th Generation I7-11700k Processor

د.إ 14,900.00 including VAT

Intel Core I7-11700k Processor Gaming Pc + Rtx 3070 8gb

د.إ 14,950.00 including VAT

Intel Core I5-11600k Assembled Gaming PC

د.إ 7,200.00 including VAT

Intel core i5-11400 Custom Gaming Pc

د.إ 5,999.00 including VAT
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