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Custom Build Gaming PC RTX 3080

د.إ 10,200.00 د.إ 9,900.00 including VAT

RTX 3080 Gaming Pc with i9-10900k

د.إ 11,990.00 د.إ 11,800.00 including VAT


د.إ 9,750.00 د.إ 9,450.00 including VAT

Rtx 2070 Super Rendering Workstation Pc

د.إ 5,450.00 د.إ 5,250.00 including VAT

Rtx 2080 Super Extreme Gaming PC

د.إ 5,990.00 د.إ 5,750.00 including VAT

Pc Dubai Custom Gaming Pc 10700k

د.إ 9,300.00 د.إ 8,900.00 including VAT

Rtx 2070 Super Gaming Pc

د.إ 4,600.00 د.إ 4,500.00 including VAT

Pcdubai Gaming Pc i5-9400

د.إ 2,750.00 including VAT

High end gaming PC PCDUBAI PRIMIUM PC 2020

د.إ 8,700.00 including VAT

Budget Gaming Pc 2020 Under 1000$(AED 3675)

د.إ 3,675.00 including VAT

Custom Gaming PC Comet i7-10700k-II

د.إ 10,900.00 including VAT

Comet Pro Custom Gaming PC i9-10900k

د.إ 15,500.00 د.إ 14,999.00 including VAT

Comet Pro Medium Gaming PC i5-10400

د.إ 3,625.00 including VAT

Custom Rendering PC Workstation i7-10700k

د.إ 10,500.00 د.إ 10,300.00 including VAT

Workstation PC Tuf i7-10700k

د.إ 8,700.00 د.إ 8,500.00 including VAT

Comet Pro Custom Gaming PC I7-10700k

د.إ 7,600.00 including VAT
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