EK-HDC Wtercooling Fitting 16mm | EK-HDC16-NK-4PK


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  • hread: G1/4″ BSP; 4.5mm male thread length
  • supported tube: 16mm (5/8″) OD
  •  outer diameter of a fitting: 23.8mm
  •  installed height: 13mm
  • compatible tubing: solid Acrylic, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Glass, Carbon Fiber

There are many PC experts that use their “Do It Yourself” skills to water cool their PCs for performance, but for most others, buying a watercooling system makes more sense. Watercooling allows you to get the most from your PC through overclocking without the system producing more than whisper-level noise.

Compatibility of water cooler

Watercooling systems are built for specific computers that you should be aware of. Compatibility is the most important point to consider in watercooling. For instance, water cooling Raspberry Pi will not work with other systems with different configurations. Even if you are looking for water cooling laptop, you should know the configuration of your laptop before you make the purchase. Otherwise you will need to return it and go through the hassle of refund.

Performance of the water cooler

Performance is the second point to consider in watercooling. If you have a high-performance gaming PC, your watercooling system should be that robust. Here you need to first calculate the approx. heat output from your CPU and then accordingly choose a water cooler with the right radiator, water blocks, pump, reservoir and hose. What ideally matters is the amount of overclocking that your water cooler can achieve to maximize the performance of your CPU and GPU.

Watercooling for gaming laptops

Gaming laptops operate at much higher performance levels than standard laptops. Here you need watercooling at a more advanced level. Not only should you consider watercooling the CPU as well as the GPU. Usually these laptops have special docks with which the liquid cooler can be connected.

Watercooling for Macbook

The Macbook offers a higher level of performance than standard laptops. These laptops have Intel Turbo Boost technology that makes the heat non-sustainable over a period of time – in no time the 1.1GHz power moves to 2GHz of power. With more heat, the performance of Macbook suffers and this is not something you expect from Apple. With proper water cooling, this issue can be taken care of. There are specific water cooling kits for Macbook that you should consider to buy.

Watercooling for traditional laptops

For traditional laptops, it is best to customize water cooling so that the compatibility and the performance issues are managed better.




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