HTC VIVE Eco Virtual Reality Headset

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  • Visual Immersion
  • Presicion Tracking
  • Adjustable Ease
  • Complete control
  • Form Fitting Comfort
  • Feast Your Eyes

Product Details

The HTC Vive VR Virtual Reality Headset pulls you into an immersive world, full of surprises. The Chaperone guidance system of the headset allows you to walk around freely and explore everything while keeping you safe within the bounds of your play area. The HTC VR headset has 32 headset sensors for 360-degree motion tracking. It features two wireless handheld controllers with 24 sensors for accurate tracking. The excellent graphics quality gives you a surreal visual experience. The front facing camera of this VR headset blends real-world elements into the virtual world into for natural interaction and play. Thanks to the intuitive gestures and the HD haptic feedback, you can do more in VR than ever before.

Vibrant Visuals
The HTC Vive VR Virtual Reality Headset delivers a field of view spanning 110 degrees for an awe-inspiring visual output. The 90Hz refresh rate and 2160 x 1200 combined resolution provide smooth action and eye-popping graphics. Once you start playing virtual reality games on this headset, you will never want to go back to your earlier consoles.

Superior VR Experience
This virtual reality technology developed by HTC comprises of two base stations that deliver 360-degree motion tracking. Base stations of the VR headset only require a power cable and sync wirelessly. The headset has dual stage triggers, backed by HD haptic feedback, that brings VR gameplay to a whole new level.

Easy Navigation
This HTC VR headset features a multi-function trackpad that provides haptic HD feedback and effortless precision. The breakthrough base station technology helps to track the controllers and the headset, giving you their exact location in space for a 360-degree motion tracking experience. The room scale VR puts you right in the middle of everything so you can freely explore and interact with the VR world.

Optimum Comfort
It features an adjustable headset strap that provides balanced comfort so that you can use the headset for an extended period. Interchangeable nose pads and foam inserts give you optimum comfort.



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