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DynaPos PST 8000 SERIES

The PST-8000 terminal for businesses that require increased performance for demanding applications. ..


EPOS E Touch Exreme POS 335 with Customer Display

E-Touch Xtreme 335 E-Touch Xtreme 335 is a touch screen POS terminal that is ideally for Retail &..


EPOS E Touch Integrated 465 with Customer Display

The E-Touch Integrated 465 Series is ideal for easy service and upgrade at an affordable price. A ch..


EPOS E Touch Integrated 485 With Customer Display MSR

The Xtreme 485 Series , destined to be either POS Terminal or Panel PC , casts modern existence for ..


EPOS E-Touch Iridium 375 with Customer Display

E-Touch Iridium 375 E-Touch Iridium 375 series is a combination of a pure fanless & small foot p..


Master POS PT5300

High Performance POS (Black Color) with Intel Core i3-2120 3.3GHz Processor...